Why isn't my Laundry Egg working as well as I expected?

There are some steps you can take to make sure you are getting the best from the Laundry Egg:

  • Make sure you are not overloading your machine. The Laundry Egg needs room to move around in the wash.
  • Make sure that your washing machine is not set to use the minimum amount of water.
  • While the Laundry Egg works well on most everyday stains, just like with regular washing detergent, there may be the occasional stain that requires extra help. A ‘pre-wash’ or ‘in wash’ stain remover can be used as usual. This will not affect the performance of the Laundry Egg in any way.

The Laundry Egg contains no harsh bleaching agents. If you find that your whites are not coming out as bright as you are used to, try adding some eco-friendly laundry bleach to your white loads.

It is important to remember that the Laundry Egg does not contain any harsh chemicals and, therefore, cannot be compared to the clean of conventional biological washing detergents that can contain toxic chemicals and bleaching agents. The Laundry Egg is a much more natural alternative that is kinder to the environment, your skin, and your pocket.

Also, it is essential to remember the amount of money you will be saving by using the Laundry Egg. For every day worn once and minor stained clothes, using a concoction of toxic chemicals is an unnecessary waste of money. 

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